Filterpure Filters systems

Sustainable technology focused on quality.
The use of household ceramic water filtration systems is considered to be one of the most promising options for treating drinking water at the household level in developing countries.  Ceramic filters combined with safe water storage enable families to clean their drinking water supply and keep it safe for consumption in their homes, thereby reducing bacteria that cause diarrheal disease.
FilterPure works to:
-Provide reliable and affordable filters for those who have few resources and are at high risk due to contaminated drinking water
-Promote and support locally owned sustainable enterprise
-Develop sustainable business and management plans that involve manufacturing and distributing high quality and best in class Ceramic Water Filters (CWFs)
-Partner with local and international organizations to deliver more filters to more people
The FilterPure water filter
[Description: round bottom filter] The technology of the water filter is simple, and effective.  A round-bottom ceramic pot is made from a mixture of clay, a combustible material (sawdust or rice husks), and anti-microbial silver.  Silver is a naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent which improves the bacteria removal rate for the filter. The clay and combustible are mixed with a measured amount of silver and water until a homogeneous mixture is formed. The mixture is press-molded into a filter using a hydraulic press and then kiln fired to produce the filter membrane.

The filter is placed in a five gallon plastic storage bucket with a spigot at the bottom for dispensing.  A lid is placed on the filter to prevent contamination.

When used, water is poured through the ceramic pot and filtered into the plastic receptacle bucket.  Safe drinking water is easily poured from the spigot by all members of the household.  The flow rate of the filter ranges from 20 to 30 liters per day, depending upon how often the filter is refilled. 
The FilterPure CWF has consistently performed at a rate of 99.9% removal of bacteria and pathogens in the field over the past 4 years. The filter can support a family of six for at least 5 years and the cost per filtration unit is approximately $50.  
The FP consultants can help
-Provide comprehensive training to our partners, distributors and end users on the use and maintenance of the filter.
-Teach and implement quality control and testing protocols for all factories.
-Continue research and development on technology, testing and production in the ceramic filter technology.
Develop education programs on water contamination, basic hygiene, and disease prevention to the local communities.
-Develop techniques to monitor the acceptance and impact of ceramic water filters on the population for quality assurance and potential improvements.
-transfer knowledge to the international technicians and student technicians.
Filterpure strategy
FilterPure Strategy
The FilterPure strategy is to implement local and sustainable enterprises to manufacture and distribute point of use ceramic water filters for home use, with the participation of local sponsors and operating partners. The filters are made from materials readily found in most environments, and are relatively easy to manufacture and use. Employing local ceramicists and instilling effective filter technology, FilterPure allows people in developing nations to create their own solutions to a distressing and constant problem.
The FilterPure program is based on these strategies of affordable water filtration, sustainable enterprise, and local education and is designed to be replicated worldwide.
Our vast experience
FilterPure has gained knowledge and active support from a number of sources and is positioned to build the infrastructure necessary to move forward. The goals remain the same: improve human survival rates and quality of life; reduce poverty through employment; and educate communities about water health and disease prevention.