Filterpure Filters systems

Sustainable technology focused on quality.
Quality ceramics where we need them most.
Filterpure can help you to get the quality that you insist upon.  
Local Sustainablity is Key
Start your project on the right foot and establish it for the long term with the decisions that you make intially.  Sustainalbity is the only real way to make the difference that you want to see.
Quality control
Our consultants can help you to manage the complexities of a filter project, helping from manufacturing to distribution and education.
Our consultants can help you to manage the quality of the filters and institute standardization and quality control measures in your factory.
Our consultants can help you to empower and train those on the ground.  They can help to ensure that your project becomes sustainable.

Help the world get the water they deserve.
Development projects can be one of the most difficult processes  to oversee.  The trials of cross-culteral interaction, and sustainablity can be taxing.  Team leadership and fundraising can add stress to the entire process.  Let us help you to map out the process and aid you in the decisions along the way.
Our consultants are experienced technicians and leaders who will help you maneuver your way through the complexities of development projects